UK dinosaur Polacanthus to star in Brick Dinos at the Horniman

A new LEGO® model of a Polacanthus, an armoured 125-million-year-old dinosaur found in the UK, will be on show for the first time as part of the Brick Dinos exhibition, coming to the Horniman Museum and Gardens in south London next February.

A herbivore from the early Cretaceous Period, the Polacanthus – meaning ‘many spines’ – is the newest highlight of this family-friendly exhibition featuring more than 20 dinosaur species, painstakingly recreated by artist Warren Elsmore and his team using hundreds of thousands of LEGO® bricks. The Polacanthus model, at 1.5m long, is recreated at about a third of its true size.

The Brick Dinos on display include some of the largest beasts to ever walk the earth, recreated in miniature form, alongside large models including a plesiosaur, a life-size flying pterosaur and a fearsome Masiakasaurus. Young visitors to the exhibition can also enjoy including building their own dinosaur, digging for fossils and dressing up as prehistoric creatures.

I'm so excited about this exhibition. Dinosaurs and LEGO® are always a winning combination in my opinion, but the level of thought and detail that's gone into it all, from the miniature scenes to the full-scale dinosaurs, means the exhibition will engage and excite visitors of all ages. And if that's not enough, we have a brand new, incredible Polacanthus dinosaur model waiting to meet you!
Dr Emma Nicholls, Senior Curator of Natural Sciences at the Horniman
I can’t deny that building the Polacanthus was a lot of fun! I was able to work with the Horniman’s fantastic team to make sure that the pose and colouring were just right – and that she’d make a big impact when seen (and heard!) in person!
Warren Elsmore

The exhibition also includes rarely seen specimens from the Horniman’s collection, including a replica skull of a Nanotyrannus (meaning ‘dwarf tyrant’) – a smaller relative of T. rex, and real fossil material from Ichthyosaurus to Iguanodon.

Brick Dinos is open from 10 February – 29 October 2023. Tickets on sale now.

Horniman Members and Benefactors enjoy free, unlimited visits to the exhibition.

Brick Dinos is a touring exhibition from Warren Elsmore.

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