Cult Hair

INFRINGE's Cult Hair is a photography series which celebrates hair unrestrained by mainstream beauty standards.

Cult Hair highlights the power and beauty of people living out their true form. Ordinary people with extraordinary hair.

It is an ongoing project capturing London’s unique and diverse hairstyles.

Devised by INFRINGE’s editors-in-chief Anthony and Pat Mascolo, this series is brought to life by Photographer Panos Damaskinidis.


INFRINGE is a magazine all about hair that cuts across creative disciplines including art and documentary. Infamously the beauty industry is exclusive, and creates unattainable ideas.

INFRINGE offers an alternative space within the beauty industry.

What does your hair mean to you?


Banner image:

Ⓒ Parma Ham Cult Hair by INFRINGE Magazine. Photography: Panos Damaskinidis