Nature Challenge: Plastic Free July

Plastic is bad for the Planet. Learn about plastics and how you can reduce your use of it in this Nature Challenge, as part of the Plastic Free July initiative.

Throwaway Plastic

Single-use plastic is things that are only used once and are thrown away or recycled.

Kick the single-use plastic habit, say no to plastic…

  • Straws: use a paper one, or buy a metal one to use again and again
  • Bottles: buy a reusable one and fill up at a water fountain
  • Bags: take your own bags or rucksack to the shops

Did you know…

  • There will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.
  • 20,000 plastic bottles are sold in the world every second!

Plastic spotters

Look at the pictures below. What do they have in common?


Do you have any of these items above in your own home? Can you sort them into single-use and not single-use plastic? What could you replace the single-use plastic with?

Plastic-free playtime!

Did you know that 90% of toys are made from plastic?  Instead of buying new toys, perhaps you could ask for second-hand ones or maybe try making your own?

Here’s some inspiration from our collections.