How to make an origami walrus

Coco Sato shows us how to recreate our star Natural History specimen in paper form: an origami walrus.

We recently had origami artist, Coco Sato, come into the Museum for one of our Big Wednesday events.

 Coco Sato at the Horniman

Coco Sato

Coco made some amazing giant origami animals with our visitors and had a pop-up installation in our Music Gallery.

As an added extra for us, Coco showed us how to make an origami walrus, in honour of the big man himself.

It was modelled on the walrus in our Natural History Gallery. Here, you can see how Coco copied the walrus’ shape and size into paper form.

An origami walrus modelled next to Horniman Walrus


If you would like to make your own origami walrus, you can watch the following video where Coco goes through the whole process.

All you need is a square of coloured paper and some scissors.

Pieces of square paper and a pair of scissors

You will need a square of paper for your walrus

If you do manage to master the skill, share your masterpieces with us on social media using #horniman.