Twilight Relaxed Opening

A special after-hours viewing for neurodivergent families or families who need a quieter environment when visiting the Museum.

Enjoy our marine-themed Under the Sea Soft Play plus the Brick Dinos exhibition during this accessible, relaxed event.

The main doors open at 6pm. In case you arrive a little early, our Gardens are open.

Please note that the Museum will be open as usual until 5.30pm, but will be closed from 5.30pm–6pm, so that we can tidy and adjust our spaces.

More detailed information will be available in the Social Story, coming soon.

If you have any questions, please contact

About Under the Sea Soft Play

This summer we are making a splash with the creation of our first soft play experience in the Museum.

Inspired by the Horniman’s popular Aquarium, the marine-themed equipment includes netted play frames, bubbling ball ponds, fish-shaped rockers and soft toys.

Children will also find aquatic inspiration in the reading and dressing-up areas. Please note that all children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Please see our Rules of Play for more details.

About Brick Dinos

Step back in time with Brick Dinos! Discover the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods like never before and meet dinosaurs and other prehistoric giants face to face, each one masterfully built using LEGO® bricks.

In this family-friendly exhibition, some of the largest beasts to ever walk the earth have been recreated in miniature form by artist Warren Elsmore and his team.

Incredible models include the raptor-like Masiakasaurus, a life-sized flying pterosaur, the swamp-dwelling, crocodile-like Sarcosuchus, and a new Polacanthus model on display for the first time.

The exhibition also features rarely seen specimens from the Horniman’s stores, and a range of hands-on activities for children to enjoy including build your own dinosaur and digging for fossils.


To make a booking and to find out more, please contact or call 020 8291 8690.

Tickets are free, but we welcome donations on the day, once – we hope – you’ve had a lovely time.


Information for parents and carers in advance

Welcome to the Horniman. Here is some more information about today’s relaxed opening event:

 Which spaces will be open?

  • This is a special after-hours opening for our Under the Sea Soft Play plus the Brick Dinos exhibition, both located on the Lower Ground Floor.
  • We will also open the Music Gallery (next to the other two exhibitions) and the Shop – please note that all other galleries and the Café will be closed.
  • If you’d like a bit of a rest at any point, there is a Chill Out space, located in the Education Centre. The Gardens are also a nice place for some peace and quiet, they are open all day until 8.30pm
  • There are toilets on the Ground Floor, past the Shop. There are more toilets downstairs in Gallery Square, near the exhibitions.

What time is the event?

  • The main entrance, Brick Dinos exhibition, Under the Sea Soft Play, Music Gallery, Chill Out space, Shop and the museum toilets all open at 6pm.
  • All spaces are only available to Twilight Opening visitors, and will be open until 7pm. Although there is no eating or drinking allowed in the Galleries you can eat and drink in the Chill Out space.
  • There is also a quiet room at the rear of the Music Gallery which will only be available to Twilight Opening visitors throughout the event. Unfortunately eating and drinking is not allowed in this space.
  • The Museum and Café are open to everyone until 5.30pm – please note, the Museum will be closed from 5.30pm–6pm. The Gardens are open to everyone throughout the day until 8.30pm.

How do I get there?


This is our first early evening event and it would be great to get your feedback. Please talk to a member of staff or fill in the e-mail survey which we will send you shortly after the event.


We really hope you’ll enjoy your visit. All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for coming.