Object in Focus

Accessible and fully-supported short term loans from the Horniman collections to other venues.

Object in Focus is a loans programme funded by the Arts Council England, which aims to improve access to our collections and strengthen partnerships by offering a range of objects for loan free of charge.

These loans meet the same documentation, conservation and exhibition standards as our regular loans, and conservation and collections management support is provided throughout. This programme aims to pioneer a proactive and accessible way of offering loans.

The programme offers free of charge:

  • An object or selection of objects on short-term loan from a portfolio of objects from the Horniman’s diverse collections.
  • The option of borrowing a showcase (either 1800mm x 1000mm² or 1800mm x 700mm²) with lighting (depending on the object).
  • Transport and installation/de-installation of the object and showcase.
  • An interpretation panel and mount for the display.
  • The option of publicity (postcards or bookmarks) for the loan and talk/event.
  • The option of professional development or a specialist talk/event related to the loan.
  • Support from the project coordinator throughout the loan process.

Who is eligible?

We are keen to work with small museums and other venues in London and the South East of England, however, we may be able to loan further afield. Please contact us to discuss eligibility.

Venues will need to commit to the following:

  • A contact who is regularly available to coordinate the loan.
  • Time to commit to the paperwork, a pre-loan visit and installation of the loan.
  • To work with us if need be to meet environmental and security conditions set out by our conservators and UKRG.
  • Step free access and space for a showcase, or your own suitable showcase.

Current and upcoming displays

  • Horse skull at Kingston Museum as part of their Muybridge exhibition from 30 September 2022 to 11 March 2023
  • Ammonites at Arts Network from 3 November 2022 until March 2023

Objects in the project

Objects selected for loan span the Horniman’s three core collections; Natural History, Anthropology and Musical Instruments.

The objects can be used to launch a new or redeveloped gallery, provide a theme for activities or to highlight a collection and encourage visitors.

We can also offer advice on how to link loaned objects to your current collections, and to discuss possible themes and connections.


Natural History:

Musical Instruments:

Follow our progress

You can see the locations of some of our current and past Object in Focus Loans on our Loans Map.