coffin; coffin cover

The coffin lid for the mummy of ‘Peta-Amen-Net’. It is anthropoid in shape with the head and wig/lappets in relief. The surface is decorated throughout in red, two shades of green and black, on a white background. Most of the surface has been varnished, except for the face and wig, which has yellowed the white background.
The top of the head has been decorated with a green kneeling female figure with raised arms. The facial features have been delicately shaped, with detailed ears, a slender nose with nostrils and raised lips. The face has been painted in a flesh-tone, the eyes are ringed with kohl and the pupils are detailed in a shiny black pigment. There is a shiny dot on the proper left earlobe, presumably representing an earring. The lappets have been painted green with a black uneven ladder pattern over the surface. Black hair can be seen on the forehead, beneath the lappet. A winged headdress surrounds the face painted a yellow/gold. To the sides of the head are stripes in red, green and yellow, some of these extend down the whole length of the body. From the shoulders, above these vertical stripes are thick bands in red, white, black green and yellow.
Below the lappets is a female figure, with wings that span the width of the chest. Below this is a panel of vertical hieroglyphic panels on alternating backgrounds of red and green stripes, separated by narrow green stripes.
The rest of the body, including the feet, is decorated with hieroglyphic panels, with panels of figures interspersed. The top centre panel depicts the body of the deceased, with the soul above and canopic jars beneath. The panel to the left of these features a bearded figure, to the right, a figure with the head of an animal, possibly a baboon. The panels below these feature Anubis to the left and Ra or Horus to the right. The third pair feature a bearded figure holding a staff to the left and possibly Anubis to the right. The fourth pair features Anubis to the left and a bearded figure to the right.
On the feet are two panels, each with an eye of Horus, separated by the hieroglyphic panels. On the front on the feet is a band of ankhs and pairs of ‘was’ sceptres on a green background. Above and below this are striped borders in thick red and green bands and thin black and white stripes.
On the base of the feet is a scene painted on a white background. This features a bull with a sun disc on its head, probably Hapis. He is carrying the body of the deceased, shrouded with a red and green cloth. To the right of the bull, there is what looks like a dwelling. Beneath is a border in red white and green.
Some of the joining pegs are present on the underside: 4 on the proper right and 3 on the proper left.
The inside of the lid is painted white and has one large central image of a woman with long black hair, a red band around her head and a red dress with black lines in a cross hatch design. She has a green necklace, one breast exposed, green anklets and bare feet.

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